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Non-Public Services

Services to Nonpublic Schools
In accordance with New Jersey State Laws of 1977: Chapters 192 and 193, the Hunterdon County Educational Services Commission provides services to students attending Nonpublic Schools that meet the eligibility requirements set by the New Jersey Department of Education

Programs and services available to nonpublic school students, who meet state criteria include:

  • Compensatory Education 
  • English as a Second Language 
  • Home Instruction 
  • Child Study Team Services 
  • Speech/Language 
  • Supplemental Instruction 

The Nonpublic school-nursing service is a state-mandated program that provides nursing services for students attending Nonpublic schools. Services available while the nurse is at the Nonpublic school, as funding permits, include:

  • Caring for sick or injured students while in school
  • Administering medication under a physician's order
  • Reviewing immunization records to ensure that all students are properly immunized
  • Conducting hearing, vision and scoliosis screenings, as  required by law 
  • Documenting growth through height and weight screenings
  • Maintaining student health records · Assisting with  physical  examinations

Features of our services Include:

  • Trained and certified teaching staff that provide instruction  using diagnostic teaching models
  • Ongoing staff development to ensure the use of a variety of  educational teaching strategies
  • Maintenance of student progress records based on testing  and documentation of student achievements
  • Parent/guardian conferences and written pupil progress  reports for students receiving instructional services
  • Instructional programs in educational facilities that are  approved by the State of New Jersey
  • Regular communication between the Nonpublic school staff, Commission staff, and the student for effective and positive educational experiences
  • Individual Child Study Team evaluations for referred students